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Pensacola Christian Wins PCC Varsity Volleyball Title

West Florida Wins JV Title

West Florida JV defeated PCA JV (2-1)

Soccer Final Four Championship

Soccer Final Four 

Hosted by Trinitas Christian School at the Ashton Brosnaham Stadium Field

10370 Ashton Brosnaham Drive,
Pensacola, FL 32534

Gate Fee: 
Adults - $6, Tournament Pass - $10
Student - $3, Tournament Pass - $5
Family Max - $20

Friday, October 23
*Higher Seed is Home Team
Semifinal 1: 4:00pm #1 Trinitas defeated #4 Santa Rosa (4-0)
All-Conference Awards 
Semifinal 2: 6:30pm #2 Aletheia beat #3 Calvary (1-0)

Saturday, October 24

Consolation Game: 1:30 pm Santa Rosa vs. Calvary **Game Time Changed**
Championship Game: 7:00pm Trinitas vs. Aletheia

Volleyball Final Four Championship

Volleyball Final Four

Hosted by West Florida Baptist Academy
5621 US-90, Milton, FL 32583

Friday October 25, 2020
Game 1 5:30 pm West #1 - Pensacola Christian defeated. East #2 - Trinitas Christian (3-)
Game 2 7:00 East #1 - West Florida Baptist defeated West #2 - Central Christian (3-1)

Saturday October 26, 2020
Game 3 2:00 JV Championship - West Florida Baptist won against Pensacola Christian  (2-1)
MVP: Audrey German - WFBA

Game 4 3:00  Central lost to Trinitas (3-2)
Game 5 4:30 PCC Volleyball Championship Game Pensacola Christian defeated West Florida Baptist (3-2)
MVP: Kyndall Holcomb - PCA


West Regional Bracket Volleyball

Regional Champions Varsity PCA

PCA Varsity West Region Champs

Pensacola Christian Wins

West Regional Varsity and JV


Friday Oct 16

Game 1 4:00  #4 Seed Lighthouse defeated #5 Seed Christian Collegiate (3-0)
Game 2 5:30  #2 Seed  Aletheia beat #7 Seed South Baldwin (3-0)
All- Conference Awards Announced
Game 3 7:00  #3 Seed Central  defeated #6 Seed Atmore (3-0)

Saturday Oct 17

Game 4  1:30  #1 Seed Pensacola Christian beat #4 Seed Lighthouse (3-0)
Game 5  3:00  #2 Seed Aletheia was upset by#3 Seed Central (3-0)
Game 6  5:30  #1 JV Seed Pensacola Christian defeated #2 JV Seed Christian Collegiate (2-0)
Game 7  7:00 East Regional Championship #1 Pensacola Christian  beat #3 Central (3-0)

MVP : Samantha Clark - Pensacola Christian Academy


East Regional Bracket Volleyball

Regional Champions Varsity WFBA

WFBA Varsity East Region Champs

West Florida Baptist wins JV and Varsity Regionals

Friday Oct 16

Game 1 4:00  E2 #3 Seed East Hill beat E1 #2 Seed Calvary
Game 2 5:30 E1 #3 Seed  Covenant lost to E2 #2 Seed Trinitas

Saturday Oct 17

Game 3 Noon E2#4 Seed Santa Rosa lost to E1 #1 Seed Emmanuel
Game 4 1:30 E2 #1 Seed West Florida defeated East Hill (3-0)
All- Conference Awards Announced  
Game 5 3:00 Trinitas beat vs Emmanuel (3-0)
Game 6  5:30 E1 JV #1 Seed Emmanuel lost to E2 JV #1 Seed West Florida (2-0)
Game 7  7:00 East Regional Championship West Florida beat Trinitas (3-0)

Tournament MVP: Allie Whiting, WFBA



First Round Soccer Playoffs

Soccer Playoffs  Oct 16, 2020

#1 Seed Trinitas bye to Finals vs Winner of Game 1
#2 Seed Aletheia bye to Finals vs Winner of Game 2 
Game 1  #5 Central Christian Lost to #4 Santa Rosa 4:30pm
Game 2  #6 Lighthouse Baptist @ #3 Calvary Christian  6:00pm

Covid-19 Guidelines for each school.

This situation is evolving by the hour. Every school is struggling with what decisions are the “right” ones to make and, in many instances, we may not know what is “right” until we have the benefit of hindsight. Even then, we may not know. With that in mind, the “right” decision is one that considers public health guidance, the law, your school’s mission and culture, and your community’s safety. What is “right” for one school may not be right for another. Please keep this in mind as you review each schools Covid-19 policies  as you visit their campus for home games.

Aletheia Christian Academy

All fans entering the building will be asked to wear a mask and will have their temperature taken
They will not be allowed to enter if temperature is over 100.4. Temperatures will not be taken for soccer.
Fans will be asked to social distance and sit with their families
Fans are required to wear masks in the bleachers for volleyball not soccer
There are 2 hand sanitizing stations located by the elevator for people to use
Hand sanitizing stations located in hallways for use
Social distancing in restrooms, hallways and concessions
Concessions may or may not be open.
Stat keepers and clock operator will be asked to wear a mask while sitting at the table.
Hand sanitizer available on the bench for use
Players should arrive with masks on, take them off to play and put them back on when the game is over
No shaking of hands after the game. Just verbalizing good game

Atmore Christian School

We are asking for masks to be worn at athletic events, if distancing cannot be maintained outside of your household, until the state mandate is lifted.

Calvary Christian Academy

  • Everyone (players and fans) entering the gym will have their temperature checked.
  • Everyone (players and fans) are required to wear a mask when entering the gym.
  • Masks are required for fans anytime they are not sitting in their seat.
  • Masks are not required for coaches and players during the game.
  • Rows of the bleachers will be blocked off to help with distancing.
  • On the bleachers, please practice distancing between families.

Central Christian School

  • Everyone (players and fans) entering the gym will have their temperature checked.
  • We strongly recommend every player and fan  to wear a mask when entering the gym.
  • We ask you wear a mask when making transitions to different areas of the gym.
  • Masks are not required for coaches and players during the game.
  • On the bleachers, please practice distancing between families.

Christian Collegiate Academy

* Limit of two fans per player.
*Mask are recommended in the building, unless the person falls into one of the eleven categories that excuses them from wearing a mask.
*We will have marked spots on the floor leading into the arena to keep people six feet apart while walking into the arena to pay
*We recommend social distancing in the bleachers
*For the concession stand, we will have packaged condiments
*Players must have their own water bottle and can not share water bottles
*The water fountains will be off limits

Covenant Christian School

East Hill Christian School

We appreciate all fans and athletes being screened for high temperatures at the door.  
Fans, please wear a mask when moving around the gym and visiting the concession stand.  
When seated, fans may remove their masks.  
Players are not required to wear masks on the benches.
After the match, please social distance when possible. 
Be safe and be smart!

Emmanuel Christian School

LEAD Academy

  1. Please stay home if sick (fans, players, and coaches).
  2. Masks are optional. (please no inappropriate mask or full face mask)
  3. Hoodies and jackets may be worn, but hoods are to be off while in the building. 
  4. Social Distancing will be strongly encouraged. Spectators will be encouraged to bring their own seating for outside events (softball/baseball).
  5. Each team is encouraged to wash their hands before play.
  6. Water coolers will be provided for the visiting team, but please bring your own water bottles. 
  7. No outside food or drinks will be allowed. Water fountains will be closed. 
  8. Limited occupancy may be enforced and no re-entry will be permitted.
  9. Cash will be accepted, however please try your best to have exact change.
  10. If hosting a tournament only the spectators of the two teams playing will be allowed at the event.
  11. Each team will be responsible for cleaning up their bench area. All fans will be asked to do the same in the stands. 
  12. No handshake at the end of games.
  13. Restrooms will remain open, but will be limited to 3 people at a time. 
  14. No Loitering at the end of games. 

Lighthouse Baptist

• Home Gym Rules for Teams and FansEveryone entering the building (home/visiting teams,
staff, and fans) will have their temperature checked when entering the building. Any person
with a 99.9 temperature will not be permitted to enter the building.
• Face coverings are required for everyone that is 2nd grade and above for as long as
Alabama's governor mandates require it.
• Players actively participating on the court are not required to wear face coverings.
• Players on the bench and coaching staff/stats crew are required to wear face coverings.
• Fans are asked to sit socially distanced from other family groups for the health and safety
of everyone attending.
• Teams must have individual water bottles for each player.
• Teams will not shake hands with other team before or after games.
• Teams will not switch benches (volleyball) between sets.
• All athletic equipment will be sanitized before and after each game.

Pensacola Christian Academy

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness (cough, sore throat, fever, etc.) must remain home.
  • Temperature checks will be taken for all spectators and athletes. Temperatures registering 100.4 or higher will not be admitted to the game.
  • Face coverings are required for all spectators, support staff, and athletes. Athletes and coaches may remove their masks during the game.
  • To allow for social distancing between families, bleacher seating will be available every other row.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available for spectators and athletes.
  • Cashless payments will be available for those who do not want to use cash.
  • Each athlete should bring his or her own water bottle which can be refilled at our chilled water bottle filling station.
  • Teams will not shake hands before or after the game. No switching sides for volleyball.
  • Athletic equipment will be sanitized between each game.
  • Locker rooms will be kept to a 15 person max capacity.

Santa Rosa Christian School

At Santa Rosa Christian, we believe that it is up to each coach, player, and parent to responsibly take care of himself and to maintain distance from our campus when sick or while having a fever. There are a few expectations that we expect you to follow when coming to our facilities.  Our school is leaving the decision to wear a mask open for each individual to make. If you would like to wear a mask, do so. If not, do not. There will be no shaming of anyone based on whatever decision he or she may make. Please read the following lists of expectations for participants, families, and fans of athletes using our facilities:

Expectations for Volleyball:

Prescreen each player, record temperature on the roster, and present this roster at the game.

  • No handshakes between the teams.
  • Maintain 6’ distance between players, coaches, and refs during pregame rules.
  • Teams will remain on the same benches and sides throughout the matches.
  • Teams bring their own coolers and equipment with them.

Expectations for Soccer:

Prescreen each player, record temperature on the roster, and present this roster at the game.

  • No handshakes between the teams.
  • Maintain 6’ distance between players, coaches, and refs during pregame rules.
  • Teams bring their own coolers and equipment with them.


SL Jones Christian School

South Baldwin Christian School

1. Mask upon arrival at gym.
2. Temperature checked at door.
3. Practice Social Distancing once in gym.
4. Sanitizer applied upon entering gym.
5. Avoid congregating with other families.

Trinitas Christian School

Visitors who attend a Trinitas Christian School home game do so at their own risk. Coaches, players, and
fans should pre-screen themselves and not attend if they have a fever above 99.5, or are experiencing common
symptoms of Covid-19. In addition, they should practice sound hygienic practices such as thorough hand
washing, coughing or sneezing into their elbow, and maintaining distance between groups. The school is
leaving decisions regarding precautionary measures such as mask wearing and social distancing up to
individuals. We ask visitors to respect other people. “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live
peaceably with all men.” - Romans 12:18
We will follow the guidelines given to us by the Escambia County Volleyball Officials’ Association.
• Coaches and players pre-screen for fever and Covid-19 symptoms.
• No handshakes between teams.
• Teams will not switch benches or sides between sets.
• Masks required at the pre-match conference and at the scorer’s table.  
• Players are not required to wear masks on the team bench.
• Teams should bring their own cooler and equipment.
• Coaches and players pre-screen for fever and Covid-19 symptoms.
• No handshakes between teams.
• Teams should bring their own cooler and equipment.
• Players are not required to wear masks on the team bench.

West Florida Baptist Academy

In an effort to provide a low-risk environment for the transmission of COVID-19 during the current pandemic, WFBA coaches and administrators are asking that the following guidelines, procedures and recommendations be followed at all WFBA sporting events until further notice:

  • Please do NOT attend if you are feeling sick or have been around anyone who has been sick!!
  • Cloth Face Coverings (masks) or face shields are recommended and encouraged to enter the gym.  Once inside the gym, each spectator will have their temperature checked.  You must have a temp below 100.4 to enter.  You will receive a wristband or sticker after entering, and you must wear this all day, or pay and get temp checked again!  Once inside the gym, masks may be removed, when social distancing has been achieved in the stands or with the people you came with.  We ask everyone to wear a mask when going in and out of the gymnasium and where social distancing is not achievable (in lobby, restrooms, etc.).
  • We expect coaches to monitor temperatures for their own players.
  • Social Distancing is a key to providing a safe environment for our players and fans. Please be respectful and stay with your group/team as much as possible.  Sanitation stations will be available behind each bench and throughout the gym. Each bench will be sanitized in between games when multiple games are being played.
  • Concessions will NOT be provided.  Feel free to bring in food/coolers, etc.  Please use trash receptacles provided in the gym.
  • Players should enter with masks on and take them off at their bench to compete, and re-cover after the games.
  • Players do not need to shake hands with opponents after the game, please verbalize “good game” or congratulations from your bench areas.
  • We will NOT provide water stations.  Please have each player bring their own water bottle/drink and have their name written on it, if it is reusable.  Do NOT share water bottles!
  • Locker rooms are available for changing/restrooms or team meetings.  They are small locker rooms, so their use is optional.  The school hallway (behind the benches) may be used for stretching/warmup or team meetings.  A coach MUST accompany any players in this hallway!
  • We will attempt to live stream all games for fans wishing to stay home and watch, or to check the schedule of games while outside the gym.  (YouTube search for West Florida Baptist Academy, or go to for a link.)



Gulf Pointe Latin School

COVID-19 protocol and response policies for sports games are intended to mitigate, not eliminate, risk. No single action or set of actions will completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, but implementation of some coordinated interventions can greatly reduce that risk. It is our desire to help mitigate the risk, while still enjoying the benefits of competitive play.


  • Wearing of a mask shall be determined by each family and/or individual, this includes players, coaches and spectators.
  • We will not require masks to be worn by players or coaches entering or exiting the building. 


  • All visiting players and coaches, as well as all spectators will be screened with a few questions and have their temperature taken upon arrival.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will kindly be asked to leave.
  • We will ask spectators to be wise and to seek to physically distance themselves from others outside their family/group while viewing the games.  Seating in the gym should allow for proper spacing between families and groups.


  • Bathrooms and other common areas will be disinfected during school and every day after school, so as to be sanitized for each game in the gym.
  • We ask that players wash their hands before exiting the locker room prior to the game, and utilize hand sanitizer periodically throughout the duration of the game. Each visiting team is asked to provide hand sanitizer for their players and coaches on the bench.
  • GPLS will provide hand sanitizer at the entry/exit door.
  • We ask players to not shake hands prior to, during, or after the game, but fist bumps or elbow bumps are permitted.

Panhandle Christian Conference

New Year, New Look! Welcome to the new Panhandle Christian Conference Website. Here you can find all  information on the conference, schools, games and much more. 

Tournament Dates and Locations

East Volleyball : Oct 16-17  @ East Hill Christian
West Volleyball : Oct  16-17 @ Central Christian
Soccer Playoffs 1st Round: Oct 16-17 @ Higher Seed Team
Volleyball / JV Final : Oct 23-24@ West Florida Baptist
Soccer Final Four: Oct 23-24 @  Trinitas Christian 
East Basketball Regionals: Feb 12-13 @  West Florida Baptist
West Basketball Regionals: Feb 12-13 @  Atmore Christian
Basketball Finals / JV Finals: Feb 19-20 @ East Hill Christian
East Baseball Regional: April 23-24 @ Trinitas Christian
West Baseball Regional: April 23-24 @  PCA
Softball Finals: April 31 - May 1 @  Central Christian School in Loxley
Baseball Finals: April 31 - May 1 @ Central Christian School in Loxley 
Annual  Meeting: At First Baptist Church of Robertsdale, Aug 7, 2020 beginning at 1:00 pm. Church Address 18200 AL-104, Robertsdale, AL 36567

Concussion in Sports Training

Training for the 2019-2020 Season

This training is free and required for ALL coaches for the 2019-2020 season.

Complete course training and turn in certificate to your AD.

Panhandle Christian Conference Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities